speecheasy speecheasy


SpeechEasy is the smallest, most discreet fluency device available for stuttering. There are four highly ergonomic models to choose from, all of which are custom fit. SpeechEasy is designed on a digital platform to allow for upgrades as they become available.

SpeechEasyPD mySpeech


SpeechEasy is a tool to help you regain control of your speech. It is technology which can be used to increase speech intelligibility in those with Parkinson’s. SpeechEasy has been shown to help those with Parkinson’s increase their ability to communicate more effectively and confidently.

fluencycoach fluencycoach


FluencyCoach is a free software program available for download. FluencyCoach uses the same technology as our portable products and demonstrates how the technology works for people who stutter.

gorillaears gorillaears

Gorilla Ears

Gorilla Ears are custom-made and custom-fit earbuds. Not snug. Not pretty close. These are exact copies of your ears, handcrafted from liquid acrylic.

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